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Monday, June 01, 2009

Is water the new oil ...

Is water the new oil?

People who believe that oil is the most precious liquid on earth should think again. It's actually water. Indeed, with countries around the world facing water shortages, it's been said that water is now the new oil.

What are the best solutions to the problems of chronic drought? What about the costs to the community and business?

With parts of Australia now receiving solid rainfalls, the debate is now on as to whether governments should pull back on desalination and focus on storm water harvesting and recycling instead.

The question is whether rain water tanks would be enough. Certainly, there is evidence suggesting that rain water tanks might actually increase Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

Experts say rain water tanks might save water but they're energy intensive.

Similarly, the $30 billion for water infrastructure over the next 10 years, which includes the construction of desalination plants, will also increase greenhouse gas emissions. Not exactly good for fighting climate change. Critics also say desalination plants can have a devastating impact on the physical environment.

A report from the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) warns that recycled water could push up emissions.


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