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Monday, April 27, 2009

Noblewater - delivering clean water - goes broke ...

Noblewater is a leading provider of water treatment products and services solutions for the Australasian region. Our expertise and capabilities are world class and this enables us to assist our customers with water treatment solutions for sewage, waste water reclamation to high purity water production for food and pharmaceutical applications.

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Noblewater appoints external administrator

Water-systems provider Noblewater entered external administration on April 24, according to Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) records.

The Brisbane-based company was formed through an amalgamation of seven smaller water-technologies and supply companies specialising in waste-water treatment plants, water purification plants, de-salination units, ozone plants, water filter supplies, water softeners and deionization units.

Venture capital group NBC Capital invested in the company in 2005 through its $99 million ‘NBC Fund II’. Other investments included Australian Water Systems – an amalgamation of water tanks manufacturing companies, Clark Tanks and Tanks Direct, Eagle Boys Pizza, fresh fruit and vegetable producer Withcott Seedlings and transport and logistics company Troncs.

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