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Monday, March 30, 2009

PM Kevin Rudd cops blast from British press ...

A wave of ridicule greeted Kevin Rudd as he arrived in London for the G20 Summit yesterday. Not only has the Prime Minister been downgraded to "second tier status", the British media has dubbed him a boot-wearing geek from Down Under.

Ignoring the success of his visit to the US and talks with President Barack Obama, they instead chose to dredge up everything from his New York strip club fiasco in 2003 to petty sniping about his clothes.

One newspaper described Mr Rudd's style as being "a charisma-free zone" and said he was best known for "a drunken trip to a strip club".

See - British press attacks Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on eve of G20.

What?  The PM's spin team can't deal with the British press ...


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