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Monday, March 02, 2009

Anna Bligh targets the green vote - calls everything a green initiative ...

Anna Bligh's promise to create 3000 green jobs may as well be followed by an announcement of a green power station and a green highway.

It simply markets a jobs policy to better target the green vote, which is much more influential now the word "environment" has been replaced with the savvy "sustainability".

Bligh knows securing the green vote and Greens preferences may decide Labor's future and her attempts to do so have been puzzling.

Last year, she delayed Traveston Crossing Dam, giving the Greens some hope it would be cancelled, and she wavered on recycled water and set aside more land for development in the southeast.

Last week, Bligh diverted funds from a program meant to encourage sustainable living to support SES workers. But she insisted the Climate Change Fund was being put to good use, because global warming would create more floods and fires for the SES to deal with.

Green funding for green disasters. Just don't call the volunteers little green men.

See - Anna Bligh - Everything is a green initiative.


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